Welcome to ChilliCheeze studios in Acton, West London. We offer three unique studio spaces for hire. Whether it be film or photography production, or event or gallery space, our customisable studios provide a first class base from which to work. With over one hundred years of collective experience in entertainment and media, the ChilliCheeze team specialise in media hire and are here to support your needs.

Primarily our studios are set up to support Photography and Film production. Studio 1 is a White Infinity Cove studio - ideal for photography shoots. Studio 2 is a complete blackout studio, blocking out all natural light. Studio 3 is an industrially themed space with four different background walls, allowing for complex shoots.

We are also adept at providing studio space hire for other services. Due to the inter-connectivity of our studios, kitchen space and green room, we can host larger scale shoots. Recently we hosted the costume staff of the Good Life, allowing for a large team to review pre-production costumes effectively.

Our studios can also be used for rehearsal space hire. We regularly welcome theatre and dance groups, looking to rehearse or review productions. Our studios are equipped with AV and projectors upon request.



White Infinity Cove Studio


Complete Blackout Studio

STUDIO 3 + Green Room

Exposed Day Light Industrial Studio