Camera Hire in London


  Professional Camera Hire in London 

Shooting a major feature film? Or just a video in your bedroom, or anything in between; ChilliCheeze Hire has the right digital camera for you. From the latest, highest specification RED Camera, to a more modest SONY A7S Mk.2, we have it...!

Shooting up in the air, on the move in a confined space, or in the studio; we have the drones, steady cams, lenses, and every other accessory to make your filming experience easy.


Based in West London, Newman Hire Company is one of the largest prop-hire facilities in the world. They have tens of thousands of props displayed and stored over 25,000 sq.ft. Whatever mood you are trying to create for your photo shoot or video production – reality or fantasy, period or contemporary: one of the best prop rental collections in the world is at your disposal. They are quite simply the largest resource in the world for decorative hire and rental.

From Chaise lounges to Throne Chairs, vases and ornaments to pictures and lights to dress your set or sets whether they be medieval, art decor or contemporary they have it.

Props from this fifty year old business have dressed the sets and created the mood in the most successful film and TV franchises in history, including Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Game of Thrones, not to mention every James Bond movie from Goldfinger to Skyfall. Clients can be shown around the prop house, pick the props needed for their shoot, which will be delivered to the studio on the day of your shoot. 

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