Film studio hire in London

If you need to hire a film studio in the London area, ChilliCheeze is the comprehensive solution you're looking for. With more than a hundred years of collective industry experience, we specialise in providing film and video equipment, top-of-the-range media studios and cutting edge production services.

Do You Need a Film Studio to Rent in London?

Based in London's bustling West End, ChilliCheeze has decades of experience working with some of the world's premier film and TV production companies. If you work with us, you'll be joining prestigious names like Warner Brothers, the BBC, Marvel, Dreamworks and Disney, to name a few.

If you need a colorama, or a background that creates an illusion of an infinity of space, our infinity cove studio has you covered. Whether you are a photographer or production company, ChilliCheeze offers you the perfect infinity cove studio in London.

Green Screen Studios in London

Green screen provides photographers and film-makers with an array of options for post-production work. Our professional green screen studio at ChilliCheeze is a world-class solution for creating advanced visuals for your media project.

Camera equipment and prop hire

One of our specialities at ChilliCheeze is our service of camera equipment and prop hire. We work with clients in the film, broadcast, corporate, commercial, documentary, drama and music industries, providing the very best in film and video equipment for use in our studios. Our service is affordable, and we like to deliver it with a little flavour that ensures great customer satisfaction every single time.