Photography & Film Studios for Hire in London 

Chillicheeze Studios now has three fully equipped Photo & Film studios available for hire in London. All three studios can accommodate a variety of projects, from still photography through to film shoots.  

Why Choose Chillicheeze for Photo or Film Shoot?

Our fully equipped studios are industry recommended. Shooting space is large, ranging from 83 metres squared up to 700 metres squares. The studios can be configured to your needs, with professional lighting and colorama backgrounds available upon request. Our studios come equipped with light stands, triggers and sand Bags, customisable industrial lighting and high ceilings, ensuring a stress-free studio to configure to your needs.

Our additional facilities ensure support staff and teams can also operate, with a kitchen/diner, green room, make-up and changing area also available.


Studio One - Infinity Cove Studio

The Infinity Cove Studio is suited for those seeking a stage with a plain, single colour backgrounds. Ensuring product photographers can focus on defining their subject with ease.

_MG_2450 (1).jpg

Studio Two – Blackout Studio for Hire

Our blackout studio ensures there is purposely designed to ensure there is no natural light. The studio is ideal for video shoots or photo shoots with customisable lighting.


Studio Three – Industrial Themed Studio for Hire

Our industrial themed studio includes 4 different backdrops, including an exposed brick and white breeze block wall. Ideal for photography shoots that require multiple settings.